Typical assignments in the Strategy and Business Development arenas:
  • Facilitated Senior Management retreats, planning sessions and the development of formal strategic plans for a number of major businesses that resulted in a unified vision, clear strategic direction, and specific action programs with responsibilities and time-frames
  • Prepared Corporate-level Strategic and Financial plans that were used to communicate vision and specific strategies for growth to employees, shareholders, and bond rating agencies like Moody's and S&P.  Prepared presentations/speeches for CEO and CFO.
  • Worked with outside consulting companies (e.g., McKinsey, BCG, etc.) as project manager/liaison whenever a division of a multi-billion dollar firm needed outside assistance with major strategic and/or marketing issues
  • Managed Merger and Acquisition activity for a multi-billion dollar corporation and each of its numerous strategic business units (SBUs).  Responsibilities included everything from initial candidate identification to final Board of Directors presentation.
  • Headed internal and external venture capital fund with $50 million portfolio.  Concept was to make Strategic investments in emerging technologies, retail chains, etc. that were synergistic with internal businesses and/or where internal capabilities (like systems or distribution expertise) could be leveraged.  Served on the Board of portfolio companies.
  • Provided personal consulting services and managed special projects for CEO and other senior manager.  Often projects required ability to deal with very “political” topics and serve as an “honest broker.”