Reprinted from Consumer Goods Technology, October 2000
Some extremely good advice on (1) When Should You Hire a Consultant? (2) How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls or How to Hire a Consultant, and finally (3) The Top 10 Obstacles to Implementing Technology-Enabled Supply Chain Initiatives. This article may be found on the left-hand menu.
  • Using the Beer Game in the Classroom by Dave Malmberg
Part of the NCME's (National Center for Manufacturing Education) Supply Chain Management course.
Instruction material for using the Beer Game to teach the basics of Supply Chain Management.  Also covers the "Bullwhip effect" and the basics of supply chain collaboration as defined by the CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment) standard and approach. The ZIPped "package" also includes an Excel spreadsheet that performs all of the Beer Game calculations and produces charts/graphs for up to five teams of four players/students each.
  • Demand-Driven Supply Chains: It's Not Just the Product Anymore! by Jim Ayers and Dave Malmberg
REPertoire, May 1998
Marketers must compete on extended product features. The physical product is usually a “given.” The ability to provide fast, customized services is often the most important feature. Reaching high levels of sales effectiveness and ultimate market share requires a "demand-driven supply chain," a supply chain that is, to the extent possible, freed from reliance on forecasts.
  • Supply Chain Systems – Are You Ready? by Jim Ayers and Dave Malmberg
Information Strategy: the Executive's Journal, Winter 2002
Achieving supply chain excellence is like climbing a mountain with four “camps” on the way to the top. Two “enablers” improve chances for success. The first is a supportive organization. The second is the “demand-driven” supply chain. Moving to the next level requires a coordinated effort.
  • From Purchasing to Strategic Sourcing – A Road Map by Dave Malmberg
This article first appeared in the January 1999 issue of Inside Sourcing published by the Sourcing Interest Group and was later reprinted as Chapter 29 of The Handbook of Supply Chain Management by James B. Ayers, APICS/St. Lucie Press, 2001.
Many organizations have very low expectations for their purchasing functions.  All too often these expectations are richly deserved.  This article presents a road map for moving the purchasing organization out of the "corporate back-forty" to the forefront of the corporation's profit arsenal.  Numerous real-life examples are given.
  • Performance Improvements Through Metrics by Dave Malmberg
This article first appeared as Chapter 49 of The Handbook of Supply Chain Management by James B. Ayers, APICS/St. Lucie Press, 2001.
Achieving supply chain excellence requires knowing what to do and motivating people to do it. One particularly strong tool is a appropriate set of metrics.  This article shows (1) how to pick the right metrics for the job the group is challenged with, (2) how to provide timely feedback on performance against appropriate targets, and (3) gives real-life examples of a successful rewards program.



Published in two versions: (1) for Students, and (2) for Teachers.  The students study supply chains and learn about the factors that affect choices made within them. This text includes four competency-based activities that guide students through real world scenarios. They redesign a supply chain, play the Beer Game to see firsthand how a supply chain works, and learn the vital criteria for selecting a supplier. In a culminating activity, teams serve as employees of Robotic Grippers, Inc. and formulate alternative supply chains for different product and customer groups, drawing on all the skills learned in the preceding tasks. An actual company that implements the competencies developed is profiled. Published by the NCME's (National Center for Manufacturing Education). Both the Students version and the Teachers version of SUPPLY CHAIN MANGEMENT -- AN INTRODUCTORY TEXTBOOK may be ordered in .PDF format from the following web-site:


  • A Gigantic Treasury of Great Consulting and other Business Jokes by David Malmberg 


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