Overview on CGR and My Services

CGR Management Consultants is an independent firm of experienced consultants. Formed in 1984, the firm has developed a reputation for providing real business improvement through our emphasis on business objectives rather than technical details. We work with some of the world’s largest organizations as well as many medium and small firms.

CGR's approach is to provide expertise and counsel rather than resources. We encourage the formation of joint teams with client staff to take a project from inception to implementation. Through this philosophy we provide identifiable business benefits in the most economical manner.

CGR's consultants are highly qualified individuals who have achieved success in academic and business life. They are experts in their field with highly developed analytical skills. They also have the personal qualities which ensure meticulous attention to clients' problems and good working relationships with clients' staff. Many of our Principals have had senior positions with major consulting firms prior to joining CGR.

CGR's focus is on business strategy, supply chain reengineering, operations improvement and information systems management issues. Most business sectors are supported, including technology, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, construction, healthcare, food and beverage, financial and the public sector.

Within CGR, my specific areas of experience and expertise include:

Supply Chain Management/Operations: supply chain strategy, facility network planning, distribution center location and site planning, logistics process improvement, distribution cost reduction, transportation management, third party logistics feasibility, warehouse management systems, customer service improvement, interim management and related IT support systems. See sample projects on the appropriate left-hand menu.

Purchasing and Inventory Management: global sourcing and purchasing, product and assortment management, inventory deployment strategies, purchasing and inventory management systems, interim purchasing and inventory management. See sample projects on the appropriate left-hand menu.

Information Technology and eBusiness: IS/IT strategy and planning, project/program management, system design and development, Internet and intranet systems, implementation, system review, package selection, business process reengineering, methodology and standards. See sample projects on the appropriate left-hand menu.

Business Development and Strategic Planning: market research, product and service evaluation, pricing and policies, sales forecasting and budgeting, budgeting, modeling, activity based costing, new business/market evaluation and plans, strategic planning for the business unit as well as the corporation. See sample projects on the appropriate left-hand menu.